Golden Hour Guide

I love a sunset, but even more I love the hour before! It's those gorgeous streams of light you see shining through trees, silhouetting figures, and what most people see it as, the worst time to be driving into the sun! It makes for stunning naturally lit portraits, but you have to work quick as it doesn't last long! So I have put together a guide through the year of the perfect times, and what to expect!

It's always worth considering the length of light when planning your wedding day, especially in the height of winter and summer as it can really change the structure of your day! I'm always on hand to recommend to couples when timings fit well with their plans, and to make sure they get to make the most of this beautiful time too!

January 15th - 3.20pm (Sunsets 4.20pm)

A great time of year for glowing afternoons, but it gets dark quickly, so planning for reception times is important at this time of year!

February 15th - 4.20pm (Sunsets 5.20pm)

We're seeing more daylight now so the day feels a little longer, but golden hour can often fall over the wedding breakfast!

March 15th - 5.10pm (Sunsets 6.10pm)

Times vary a lot this month as the summer approaches & clocks go forward! We're finally into those longer evenings!

April 15th - 7.00pm (Sunsets 8.00pm)

Longer evenings and golden hour usually fits in perfectly with after dinner drinks! A great time for gorgeous golden hour candids!

May 15th - 7.50pm (Sunsets 8.50pm)

One of the prettiest months when all of the blossoms are out, the grass is luscious, and golden hour is at its prime with gorgeous spring sunsets!

June 15th - 8.20pm (Sunsets 9.20pm)

The evenings are much longer and warmer! Perfect for photos with everyone later in the evening, as the party starts!

July 15th - 8.30pm (Sunsets 9.30pm)

Height of summer! The longest evenings this month, and the sunsets last a long time so expect it to be light even past 9.30, with a blue glow late into the evening!

August 15th - 7.30pm (Sunsets 8.30pm)

The evenings are starting to draw back, quickly now, and later in the month were loosing the light much earlier!

September 15th - 6.20pm (Sunsets 7.20pm)

Where's the time gone? We see some gorgeous sunsets this month, and they're at a perfect timing for after dinner photos!

October 15th - 6:10pm (Sunsets 7.10pm)

Much shorter evenings, and the timings vary a lot this month as the clocks change again! A great time of year to get sparkler shots in the evening as it's dark quickly!

November 15th - 3.15pm (Sunsets 4.15pm)

We're truly into winter and seeing much shorter days again, expect golden hour to be early afternoon, and loose light by dinner.

December 15th - 2.50pm (Sunsets 3.50pm)

At this time of year light is short, so planning photos around the light is imperative. Make sure you allow time in the middle of the day as theres not much flexibility!

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